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Hi, my name is Jędrek.
I'm your

I design the best possible 👉 conversation experience 👈 blending language learning with the development of 👉higher thinking skills👈 During my talk-shows, I'm asking questions which nobody else asks, but ones you have always wanted to answer 😉


It's a pleasure

You're not a student in my class, but a unique and beautiful mind. I'm eager to explore it and listen to your answers. Thanks for sharing your point of view, and thanks for each and every sentence built! 😃👍

English for adults

A Talk-show Formula

No coursebooks or other materials. Just sit back, relax and build answers to interesting questions.

English on your smartphone, tablet and pc

Works Fine On All Devices

A Talk-Show on your laptop, tablet or smartphone - our classes work fine on all devices 😉👍

useful English

Useful English

Explore the world of concepts instead of talking about your private life, last weekend and your family.

English Conversations for adult learners

Rare Pleasure

Our meetings provide intellectual pleasure that is hard to find elsewhere!


There is "Talk"

My role is limited to asking questions and listening to your answers. Get ready for a huge output.


...and there is "Show"!

I have got a DJ console and I won't hesitate to emphasize the key moments during the show 😎


As a rule, my "talk-show" is open to everybody who is willing to communicate. Beginners whose native language is either Polish, French or Spanish may find my classes surprisingly effective. More advanced speakers, on the other side, may appreciate the amount of talking time given to them, the seamless flow of the conversation as well as the rare opportunity to check the limits of their language (say hi to Wittgenstein 😉).

There are two modes of participating: you can either buy a pass for 8 meetings or pay for each class separately. The prices vary depending on the mode, but they are competitive. We talk about details during our first meeting which is free. Unless you live in Poland or France, you can pay using your credit card or PayPal (I'm sending the payment link to your email), otherwise you can use a traditional online transfer or pay by check.

I'm afraid it's not 😟 Most of the discussions require some life-experience, a decend degree of abstract thinking and imagination. According to science, abstract thinking buds at around the age of 12, and needs some time to kick in.

Forget about drills and exercieses if this is what you wanted to know (there is nothing of this sort during our classes) but language is inseparable form grammar, so if our communication suffers because of bad grammar we may stop for a while and try to repair it. I'm a true fan of "lexical grammar" i.e. a view of grammar as subordinate to vocabulary, so by learning full phrases (and that is what I encourage everybody to do) we improve our grammar.

We meet (preferably) on Skype at a previously agreed time, and we start the talk-show! I am your host, and you are my special guest. I'm asking you questions, and - if necessary - helping you to build your answers. At the end of the class I am giving you personal feedback about your language. All useful phrases found or needed during the meeting end up on Quizlet and are available for you to study on all devices.

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